Thursday, October 31, 2002

Democracy at it’s Finest

Over the past ten years, almost 400 journalist and photographers have been killed on the line of duty. They never get the respect they deserve and the paparatsi journalist and photographers who are never in any danger get all the praise from the public. These men and women are documenting world changing events and we the public cannot keep our eyes off of the enquirer and Antonio Banderas’ homosexuality and who he was seen with at the beach. I found this image on On the home page under gut shot gallery, picture number six. It was a feature about photojournalist who were in the line of fire. The photojournalist who was at Iwo Jima when the Marines Corps put up the American flag and similar events in different places of the world during conflicts, wars, disasters, ect…. I chose this image because I feel it really grabs you when you look at it. It is proof that a picture can shape public opinion and be more interesting than a shot of Eminem going into a courtroom for a assault case. The man getting hit and covered in blood is the vice presidential candidate, Guillermo Ford, whose party won the election, but the Current president of Nicaragua, Manuel Noriega, decided to nullify the election and have another party win. The people of Nicaragua began to riot soon after the election, and the photojournalist who took the picture said “I stepped up to take a photo and a man behind me politely said ‘Excuse me,’ stepped around, and took a swing at Ford with an iron pipe.” After Ford was hit a couple of times the soldier who is in the top right of the picture and saw the whole assault arrested the now even more bloody Ford.
This picture was taken by a New York journalist on his first risky assignment in 1989. It attracts me because there is blood and someone getting hit with an iron rod. I wonder why the man hitting Ford isn’t going after the soldier, this is a riot. Doesn't the public usually go after the established government not the party trying to change the government? The election should not have been made public if they did not want any other parties to win. That is how they do it in the Democracy of Cuba. No one can run against the established Fidel Castro and he always wins by a land slide. The picture makes you think that no matter how bad the Los Angles riots were, no vice-presidential candidate was covered in blood, beat up, and then arrested.
I hope one day we can respect the work of men and women who risk their lives to give us an awesome conversation piece in a magazine on our coffee table. Maxim took the time and money to put the photo-journalist story in their magazine. Why don’t we forget about the lives of stars and famous people?
the next entry is a rewrite of the first one I think it is alot better than the first one. read it !
The Longest Trip
The buzzing of his alarm clock awakens Sam. Out of one eye he notices his father standing in the doorway asking him to move the truck that is blocking him in out of the way. “I thought Lisa left already.” Still asleep Sam moves Lisa’s truck. When Sam makes it back to his room he wakes up Lisa. “What the hell are you doing still here?” Sam asks. “I must have fallen asleep.” Lisa replies. “That’s crap, this is the third time you’ve done this to me. You must want me to get caught. Who is it going to be your dad again or Jill?” “You brought this on yourself!” Lisa shouts. “You know your father has already gone after me with a gun, do you want to see me dead?” Lisa is silent, as she gets dressed. Before Lisa slams the back door shut, she declares, “You are going ho have to make a choice, me or her!” Sam pays no mind and goes back to bed.
On the other side of town, Jill is working hard in her mother’s kitchen. Sam is going away on vacation in two days and she promised him that she would make his last week here be the best ever. The oven timer goes off, Jill’s breakfast brownies are done. “Mom I’m taking your Suburban to Sam’s house.” Jill screams across the house while running out the front door. She hopes the brownies will stay warm all the way to Sam’s house. Just like any other drive when you are in a rush, every possible streetlight is of course red, and the train tracks that are never used are packed with the slowest possible trains. After what seems like an eternity Jill arrives at Sam’s house. Rushes inside grabs a cup of milk and runs to his room.
Sam notices his door opening slowly. “I thought I told you . . .” his greeting shocks Jill. “Hey baby” Sam tries again. “You didn’t have to do all of this.” The guilt shows with every word. “I told you, your last week here would be special,” Jill answers as she places the breakfast in bed tray on Sam’s bed. “Did you sleep well? You look tired.” Jill begins the conversation. “Dad woke me up when he left to work, he wants me to clean up my room and cut the lawn.” Sam sharply states. As Sam enjoys the fresh brownies Jill picks up Sam’s dirty clothes. Jill completely cleans Sam’s room, takes away the breakfast in bed tray, and goes back to Sam’s room to lie down beside him. They sit in silence for a few minutes. Realizing they are alone, they get the day started the way any young couple would start the day. After the best fifteen minutes of the morning is over, Sam rolls over and puts on some clothes to go out and take care of the lawn. Jill stays in bed, wondering about the empty condom wrapper she found while she was cleaning up the room. Jill has the whole day planned so she isn’t going to let this little thing ruin their last two days together. She hops in the shower and by the time Sam finishes the lawn she is out letting him take one himself.
They are off to the mall to find Sam some swimming trunks. After the mall they are off to Papadeaux for lunch. Lunch was great and Jill planned a movie for 3:00. On the way to the movie Jill notices someone following them. “Who is that girl following us?” Jill asks Sam. “I have no idea,” Sam says as he feels the inevitable coming. “It looks like she wants me to pull over, should I?” Jill asks. Sam doesn’t have a chance to say anything before Jill pulls into an empty Wal-Mart parking lot. A pissed off Lisa pulls Jill out of the front seat and begins to throw punches in every direction. Jill is a little more disciplined and lands the three punches that she throws. Like a man Jill grabs Lisa in a headlock and begins to uppercut her attacker. All this happened in the same amount of time that it took Sam to make it from around the suburban. Sam breaks them up and the fight is over. “What the hell are you doing here?” Sam screams to Lisa. “You know this little girl, Sam” Jill asks Sam. “Tell her who I am Sam! Tell her who spent the night at your house last night.” A beat up and bloody Lisa yells proudly. “Is this true . . . Sam, is it true?” Jill asks. Sam has nowhere to hide and now is the moment he was hoping he would never have to face. Lisa blurts out “Well Sam what is it going to be, you’re caught. Why don’t you tell Jill what you promised me yesterday?” “What did you promise her you bastard?” Jill in tears asks Sam who still hasn’t said a word. Sam breaks the silence “Well, honey what happened was.” A punch to the mouth shut Sam up. “You know what screw you, you bastard and as for you, you skank you can have this limp little five minute man!” Flipping the bird as her tires squealed out of the parking lot. Sam looks at Lisa as she gets in her car. “Hey, do you think you could give me a lift?” Sam asks Lisa right before she slaps his already bruised face. Sam is stranded in the Wal-Mart parking lot. With no other way home he begins the five-mile walk to his house. Halfway home he notices Jill’s suburban slowing down behind him. Jill lowers the window and throws out Sam’s new trunks while yelling “here are your trunks, it would have been nice if you could have filled them up!” Walking with bag in hand and a broken spirit another vehicle pulls up behind him. The noise of the exhaust system identifies the truck as Lisa’s dad. The truck accelerates and Sam sprints off to the open lot on the side of the road. Sam looks back and sees Lisa’s dad in hunting clothes with the look of haven drank beer on his face following him into the pasture. There is nowhere to hide and Sam is already tired from the three-mile walk. The truck is coming closer and closer. Sam dives in a puddle of mud; a second later the truck drives over him. Luckily Sam is okay, he gets up and notices Lisa’s dad turning around to finish the job. Sam runs to the slightly wooded area lining the pasture. He is safe from the truck now, but not safe from the words of Lisa’s dad “Get back here you little shit, I’ll kill you! If I ever find out you were anywhere near my daughter you’re dead. Hear me boy?”
Muddy, wet and scared to death Sam is almost home. His friend Chris greets him when he arrives to his house at 8:00. “Man I just heard what happened, I never thought Jill would dump you.” Chris starts saying. “What were you doing with Lisa you already knew she was trouble when she tried to get herself pregnant by poking holes in your condom.” Sam has nothing to answer. “Look man, Lisa’s dad tried to kill me today on the way home from getting stranded.” Sam confesses. Sam is quiet for a minute thinking, ”hey, who told you what happened? Nobody who you talk to knows other than Jill.” Chris can see the anger building in Sam’s eyes. ”What are you doing talking to my girl punk?” Sam asks. “Screw you, Sam she isn’t your girl anymore! She’s my girl!” Sam out of rage tackles Chris, his former best friend. They roll around the floor of the garage until Sam manages to grab a baseball and hits Chris on the side of the head. With Chris still on the floor Sam kicks Chris until he stops moving. When Sam starts to walk inside the crack of a bat to the side of his leg stops Sam in his tracks. “Look man, what happened to you? You once were cool. Now you’re just a washed up player who just got his ass kicked”
The morning came without a trace of brownies. No phone calls and no one to talk to. Sam had to pack his bags by himself. Jill was not there to do his chores like she usually was. “Why did this have to happen to me, I shouldn’t have even gotten up yesterday.” Sam thought to himself packing his last bag with his mud stained new trunks.
Sam left his room with his phone hoping he would get a call from Jill to wish him well, but the more he hesitated the more painful the thought that she wouldn’t call became. Sam rode away from his house staring down the road that he walked down two days before. That five-mile walk made his vacation a gift instead of a sad goodbye.

Sunday, September 22, 2002

The Longest Trip

For the first time Jill and Sam were going to be apart from each other. Sam was on his way to Puerto Vallarta for vacation. As the car drove down the road Jill watched it become a small point in the horizon. Jill was stuck at home taking care of her little sister while her mom and dad went to work. Jill and Sam were inseparable since the day that Sam’s family moved into the house next door to Jill’s. They had the training wheels taken off of their bikes together. When Jill had to have braces Sam got braces too. This would be the first summer they would not spend every day together. How long could it last?
Sam watched as Jill stood in the road and felt somewhat saddened by the fact that it would be three weeks before he saw Jill again. Still Sam had other thoughts on his mind. Soon he would be on the beach riding a jet ski, snorkeling, parasailing, and doing anything and everything that he could. Jill had always gone with Sam on vacation but this time Jill’s parents would not allow her to go. Sam had all the freedom he never had had and he wasn’t sure what he would do first once he got there.
Jill moped inside her house and realized that Sam would probably be too busy to call her like he promised. Jill had nothing to do other than loaf on the couch for three weeks, watch T.V., and wait for Sam to call. Her little sister was old enough to take care of herself and hardly left her room. Jill had very few friends from school since she spent so much time with Sam, but Cara had told Jill to call her sometime during the summer to go out and have some fun. Jill waited until 7:00 rolled around and decided that she would call Cara to see what she was doing. Cara was excited that Jill had called because she was going stag to a nightclub and now Jill could go with her and keep her company. They got dressed and headed out to the club.
On the other side of the world Sam’s plane was just landing and he was so tired he could barley carry his duffle bag. When they checked in at the hotel Sam went straight to his room and called Jill to tell her that he was just arriving at the hotel. Much to his surprise Jill’s father told him that Jill had gone out with some friends. Sam went downstairs to the lobby to listen first hand what waves sounded like. The sand was so unremarkably white that even in darkness you could see the waves crashing against the shoreline. Sam walked around for a few minutes before he retired to his room for the next day to come.
Back at home, Jill and Cara were still in the club dancing Jill’s troubles away. Cara’s boyfriend had enlisted in the military and was shipped out one week after he graduated. Cara was not as attached to her boyfriend as Jill was because they had only known each other for six months. When two guys came up to them, Cara was eager to introduce herself and Jill. The guys turned out to be older than them, which made Cara like them even more. After the club closed and kicked everyone out the guys thought it would be a good idea for Jill and Cara to go back to there place and have something to drink. Cara agreed and convinced Jill that it was harmless fun and that no one would find out not even Sam. While they were at the guy’s house Jill felt ill and asked for Cara to take her home. Cara was too busy with Mike to take her home so Ryan figured he could take her home. During the ride home Jill told Ryan about Sam and how she never does things like going to clubs and that she was uncomfortable being out so late. Ryan told Jill that he was in a similar situation and that he was glad that he met someone that he could hang out with and have “no strings attached.” They exchanged phone numbers and said goodnight. Jill had to sneak into her house because she was four hours late. Climbing through the window was her best bet. Jill made it inside and quickly fell asleep.
Sam woke up at 10:00 and the view from the terrace was just like something you would see in a movie. The water was perfect and the mountains were covered with palm trees and tropical plants. Sam went downstairs to the beach and saw the most crystal clear water he had ever seen. About one hundred yards down from where he was at was a jet ski rental place. Sam had to try it. Sam spent much of the morning on the jet ski. When he had to turn it in he noticed a snorkeling tour banner off the side of a boat. He tried that. There were so many new things to do that he quickly forgot about Jill and the fact that she wasn’t there. Between all the activities Sam meet a girl that seemed to be doing all the things that he was doing. Sam went to talk to her and they hit it off. They were into the same stuff and were new to this place. They decided that they could have more fun if they did everything with a partner that was new to the area too.
Jill woke up and called Ryan like she said she would. Ryan invited Jill and her sister to go eat. Jill’s little sister decided on Chucky Cheese and so they were off to eat and play games. Jill and Ryan had a better chance to talk and they got along well. Between the games and the food they talked about whatever was on their minds about each other and everything in between. It was time to go home and like most children Jill’s sister did not want to leave. Ryan did a good job in telling her that they would be back some other time and that she could stay as long as she wanted then. Jill was surprised that her sister gave up as easily as she did, she would usually have to be hauled out of that place.
The days turned into weeks for Jill and Sam and soon they would be reunited. Sam finally had a chance to give Jill a call and let her know how it was going. They caught up for almost one hour but never once did one of them mention their new friend. Sam told his summer partner that he would soon be leaving and he wished he could see her again. Much to his surprise she would be attending the same university as he was. Sam would be able to see her again. Now Sam had another problem, Jill would have to know about this new girl. Sam wasn’t sure how he was going to tell Jill that he spent his entire vacation with another girl. A girl that would be going to the same university that he was. Sam still had to end the summer with a blast. He had to put his problems behind him and enjoy his last days in paradise. Jill had to decide whether she was going to stay with Sam or tell him about Ryan. She didn’t know that Sam too was not being as honest as he should. They knew this day would come but they thought by then I’ll figure something out. On the day of Sam’s arrival, Jill was at the airport waiting for him like she promised. They were so excited to see one another they didn’t have the hart to break the bad news to each other. The ride home in the back seat was, as portrayed in the picture, not so much for communication. When they made it home Sam was the first one to admit to his summer fling. He explained how it just happened and he would see her in the fall at the university. Jill didn’t seem so mad because she also had a summer fling, and she would continue to see Ryan. Sam and Jill realized that they were only good friends and needed to be apart to figure out that they were only together out of habit.
Sam and Jill realized that they were holding each other back from what they really wanted. They had to be apart from each other for three weeks to change their minds about what they needed to do. In the end Jill and Sam ended up being friends and only that.

Saturday, September 21, 2002

hey just thought I would tell you that my next entry is going to be a long one mabey about four pages. hope you like it. It's a short story about Jill and Sam who I never meet but were in love I guess. Well I still haven't figured out what It's about but I'm working hard on it right now. In the end

Saturday, September 14, 2002

hey whats up,
it's early in the afternoon and I just woke up to write my first blog. I would have more to say but I'm still hung over from "studying" so hard last night.bye.